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The GlySure Continuous Intravascular Glucose Monitoring System comprises three main parts, a monitor, a central venous catheter and a sterile sensor set which includes an integrated fiber-optic sensor/introducer and a fully automated calibration module.

The sensor interfaces with the patient's central venous line without disrupting the clinician's ability to monitor pressure, draw blood or administer medication through those lines.

The GlySure CIGM System allows fast, easy, non-disruptive set-up and requires minimal maintenance throughout the length of patient stay.


Tcalibrator_New_v1o provide maximum accuracy the GlySure sensor is shipped connected to a sterile and fully automated calibration module. This Calibrator is inserted into the monitor and performs an automated three point calibration prior to use. The sensor-calibrator is a closed system that maintains sterility throughout calibration.


Platform technology

GlySure's team of scientists and engineers has a combined 150 years' experience of developing in-vivo fiber optic continuous monitoring sensors and systems.

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