The GlySure System is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) solution for critical care that is essential to optimizing glycemic control.


The GlySure System provides critical care clinicians with the real-time and trending data required to proactively maintain blood glucose levels. Importantly, it reveals glucose trends before they require immediate medical intervention and alerts clinicians if a patient’s glucose levels are trending toward a prescribed threshold.

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The GlySure System integrates easily into current clinical practice, allowing clinicians to perform other critical tasks without interruption. Its intuitive design requires minimal clinical staff interaction and mitigates the need for an additional vascular access point.

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The GlySure System offers comprehensive and continuous blood glucose monitoring that produces accurate readings every 15 seconds to enable optimized glycemic control in critical care.

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The GlySure System is CE-marked for use in adult cardiac surgery patients in the critical care setting. A multicentre trial is underway to extend the CE mark for use of the GlySure System across all adult critical care patients. Additionally, the Company is finalizing design of a clinical trial to support submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).