The GlySure System is comprised of three easy-to-use components.



GlySure™ Monitor

The GlySure™ Monitor operates as the control center for the system. It regulates sensor calibration and glucose measurement, displays real-time and trending data, notifies users via an alarm system, and has a user-friendly touch-screen interface.

GlySure™ Sensor

The GlySure™ Sensor utilises a highly sensitive fluorescence detection chemistry to continuously measure glucose directly in whole blood. To provide maximum accuracy and minimal hands-on time, the Sensor calibration process is automated at the point of use.

GlySure™ Central Venous Catheter (CVC)

The GlySure™ CVC is a 9Fr x15cm, 5-lumen CVC set that is used for insertion of the GlySure™ Sensor into the patient’s right internal jugular vein without interrupting current clinical practice.