GlySure Presents Successful Clinical Trial Results at ISICEM

GlySure March 2012

news02Intensive Care trial data demonstrates accurate, continuous glucose readings throughout the length of a patient's stay in Intensive Care

GlySure Limited, developer of in-hospital continuous blood glucose monitoring systems, announced that Dr. Krishna Prasad is presenting the results of its Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Pilot Trial for the first time at the 32nd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) being held in Brussels, Belgium from March 20th – 23rd, 2012.

The data show that the optical fluorescence sensor can successfully measure blood glucose levels with a high degree of accuracy across a wide range of intensive care patients throughout their length of stay in the ICU.

The pioneering new research results being presented at ISICEM were collected from critically ill patients during GlySure’s recent pilot ICU clinical trial. It is the first major clinical milestone for the venture capital backed medical technology company.  GlySure believes its continuous intravascular glucose monitoring system has the potential to improve outcomes for over 8 million ICU patients annually.

At ISICEM Principal Investigator Dr Krishna Prasad will present the data from 18 ICU patients with a broad range of conditions and co-morbidities including cardiac surgery, cerebral trauma, sepsis, diabetes and hypertension. All of the critically ill patients were monitored continuously and accurately for blood glucose levels throughout their length of stay in the ICU – up to 100 hours of continuous monitoring.

“Clinicians have been waiting for a continuous real-time blood glucose monitor to support implementation of Tight Glycemic Control protocols for much of the past decade,” said Dr. Prasad.  “Our study demonstrates that it is possible to monitor blood glucose levels continuously and accurately throughout the length of stay of patients in the ICU.”

Commenting before the ISICEM presentation GlySure CEO Chris Jones said: “We are very excited by the results of the pilot ICU clinical trial and are delighted to be able to share them for the first time at ISICEM. We are looking forward to beginning our European and U.S. clinical regulatory trials and bringing this technology to market to support clinicians in realizing the promise of Tight Glycemic Control.”

GlySure’s presentation at ISICEM is entitled ‘Accuracy of a Continuous Intravascular Glucose Monitor in ICU Patients’. An abstract will appear on the ISICEM website at the end of the event.

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