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Glycemic control that...

Helps clinicians deliver on the
promise of tight glycemic control

Over 10 years of studies have shown
ICU glycemic control can improve
outcomes and reduce costs.

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Lets you see where you are going,
not just where you have been

Real-time continuous glucose monitoring goes
beyond individual isolated measurements
to show you both the direction and rate
of change of your patient's glucose.

Real-time cases

Saves time and money

Greet Van den Berghe demonstrated that Tight Glycemic Control in ICU patients yielded significant
improvements in outcomes, including a 34% reduction in mortaility.


Clinical demand

Sets up in minutes

In pilot trials, sensor placement
took less than 10 minutes
of hands-on time.

How it works

Continuously monitors
ICU patients glucose for
extended periods

In pilot trials patients were
monitored throughout their stay
in the ICU - for up to 120 hours.

See more trial data here

Clinical demand

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Clinical data

An introduction to the clinical data

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